Wide weaving and warp knitting

Get to know our solutions for wide weaving and warp knitting machines.

Warp beam stands, delivery units, warp let-offs and take-up, selvedge let-offs and control units.

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Customized warp systems

Warp beam stand

Half warp beam applications

Warp beam in high position

Conversions for projectile weaving machines

Stand-alone delivery unit

Multiple warp feed system

Selvedge thread let-off SOLEX

Selvedge thread let-off LT2

Selvedge thread let-off HT

Warp beam stand for knitting machines

Thread feed system for warp knitting machines

Beam let-off frames for warp knitting

Control units for let-off and take-up

Warp let-off and fabric take-up KAST-ERGO

Control unit let-off UKAST 508

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