Integration of innovation: further development of the weaving process

KAST ECR for ribbon weaving mills

Narrow technical textiles are used in various applications to solve specific technical challenges. The production of these fabrics is often subject to more stringent requirements, with warp tension playing an important role and requiring the use of appropriate control devices.

Currently, the rope brake is most commonly used to generate warp thread tension. However, it must be regularly readjusted as the bobbin diameter decreases in order to ensure an approximately constant warp tension.

We have developed the KAST ECR warp let-off device to avoid this manual adjustment and still keep the warp tension constant.

By retrofitting existing rope brakes with the ECR control unit, a system is created that automatically adjusts the warp tension during the weaving process. The current warp tension is measured using a load cell and the braking force is regulated by continuously changing the rope tension so that a uniform warp tension is achieved from the full to the empty bobbin.

This is of crucial importance for the production of high-quality fabrics.

At Techtextil 2024, we will be able to explain how it works using a model and at the same time show you which elements are required for a conversion.

We look forward to interesting discussions.

More detailed information with video in action: