The ECR warp let-off system for ribbon weaving machines

Closed control loop to ensure constant warp tension

Warp thread tension is of decisive importance for the quality and efficiency of weaving machines. Precise control and adjustment of the warp thread tension is essential to produce high-quality fabrics.

The integration of modern technologies into existing tensioning systems helps to further improve this aspect of weaving and increase the productivity of weaving machines as well as the quality of the fabrics.

On ribbon weaving machines, rope brakes with springs or weights are often used to regulate the warp tension. However, as the winding diameter of the warp beam decreases, manual readjustment is required. With such systems, constant warp tension is not guaranteed and unnecessary labour is required.

These negative characteristics can be eliminated by using the ECR system.

The ECR system for tape weaving machines

The system consists of 3 main components:

Force sensor

The force sensor records the changes in force acting on the warp threads in real time and forwards these values to the control system for processing.

It is also used to show the target and actual values on the control unit display.

Control unit

The desired force can be entered on the control unit. The target and actual values are shown on the control unit display. It processes the signals transmitted by the force sensor and converts them for transmission to the cylinder.

The control behaviour can be adapted to the respective requirements using various parameters.


The cylinder replaces the springs or weights acting on the rope.

It is connected to the brake rope and changes the tension on the rope according to the signals it receives from the control unit.

These components create a closed control loop that ensures constant warp tension from full to empty warp beam and eliminates the need for manual readjustment.

In action

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