Electronic yarn feed for warp knitting machines

Electronic control system for warp knitting

In the field of warp knitting machines, we work together with the company AEI, APPALACHIAN ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENTS from the USA. We use AEI’s AutoWARP control system for the electronic yarn feed of additional warp beams or for retrofitting older warp knitting machines.

In addition to electronic yarn feed, AutoWARP also offers the option of controlling the entire warp knitting machine.

  • AutoWarp 4 for warp knitting
  • AutoWarp 4 for warp knitting

If a warp knitting machine is still in good condition and only requires a new control system, a retrofit is the ideal solution.

It not only extends the service life of the machine, but is also more cost-effective than a new purchase.

For certain applications, a retrofit can also increase productivity.

Another advantage is that less training is required, as the employees are already familiar with the machine technology and only need to be trained on the new components.

Appalachian Electronic Instruments (AEI) is a leading supplier of products for the tufting, warping and warp knitting industry. We represent the company in the warp preparation and warp knitting sectors and offer our customers first-class products and services.

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