How to monitor warp tension

Warp tension monitoring LC

The electronic warp tension monitor LC was developed to provide weaving mills with a tool for monitoring warp tension. It consists of a warp tension measuring device and a display device and measures the warp tension. Two warps with the same or different tensions can be monitored simultaneously.

The system recognises when the warp tension is outside the defined tolerance and triggers an alarm signal or stops the machine. This allows the operating personnel to initiate appropriate corrective measures in order to achieve the highest product quality.

During weaving, the display shows the current, minimum, and maximum warp tension.

Other applications:

The device can also be used for

  • Warp tension analysis
  • Warp tension adjustment
  • Recording and documentation of warp tension values etc.

Various measuring heads are available for short and long-term measurements. The measuring heads are simply inserted into the warp stop motion. A ball lock cable holds the measuring heads in position during the weaving process.

The measured values can be transferred to a PC for visualisation via a CANopen or USB interface. Several devices can be connected via the CANopen interface.

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