80 years of COMSAT

COMSAT Textile Machinery

This year COMSAT is celebrating its 80th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of textile machines. The product range includes direct and sectional warping machines, creels, fabric inspection machines, batching motions winders, selvedge bobbin winders and customer-specific projects.

Since 1944, COMSAT has been a leader in the production of the above-mentioned machines and associated accessories.

Thanks to many years of experience, the company has managed to optimize its craft in order to always meet customer requirements and to offer state-of-the-art machines on the global market.

Sectional and direct warping machines must ensure the production of warp beams with uniform thread tension. Good warp preparation is an essential prerequisite for feeding the warp threads to the weaving and knitting machines at the desired tension.

For the production of warp beams we cooperate with the company COMSAT. COMSAT has been manufacturing sectional and direct warping machines for 3 generations. During this time they have gained a lot of experience and knowledge which has led to new developments.

Sectional warping machine TECMAT

The latest innovation in the field of sectional warping machines is the development of the TECMAT warping machine. This machine combines maximum performance and productivity with extremely simple operation.

More about TECMAT at the COMSAT website.


Various creels are also available.

The creels are designed in such a way that they can be fully customised to the requirements of the respective application.

The combination of creels, tensioning devices, yarn breakage monitoring and individual yarn tension control creates an efficient system for every type of production.

More about creels at the COMSAT website.

Tension Systems

All creels can be configured with the available yarn tensioners. Five different tensioners are available depending on the tension range and yarn type.

More about tension systems at the COMSAT website.

Warp stop motions

Three different systems are available for yarn break monitoring, from simple electronic yarn break monitors to piezoelectric warp stop motions with tension measurement and monitoring and indication on a display.

Warp stop motion COMSAT IR
Warp stop motion COMSAT IR

More about warp stop motion at the COMSAT website.

ITC Individual Tension Control

The system is suitable for the thread tensioners type “AIR” and “ROTAIR”. After entering the desired tension value for each position, the system automatically adjusts the pneumatic pressure of the tensioner to maintain the programmed value.

The system informs in real time about the tension value of each position and allows the setting of deviation limits to stop the machine if the values are outside the current tension limits. The tension measurement takes place in the front part of the creel, avoiding possible tension differences due to the length of the creel and friction points.

The ITC system can be retrofitted to any existing COMSAT creel that is already equipped with the “AIR” and “ROTAIR” tensioning devices.

COMSAT ITC Individual Tension Control
ITC Individual Tension Control

More about individual tension control at the COMSAT website.

Other COMSAT products

Warping machine selvedge thread spools, batching motion and fabric inspection machines.

More at the COMSAT website: selvedge warper, batching motion and inspection tables.

If you are interested in investing in COMSAT machines, we will be happy to assist you with the specification. We represent COMSAT in Germany and Switzerland.

We will be happy to accompany and support you during a visit to COMSAT in Hall 12, Stand A22.

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