Highest quality warp beams

Warp feed to the weaving machine and constant tension

Through a network of highly qualified partners we can also offer additional products such as weaving creels and warpers for warp beam preparation. These products complement our existing range in the field of warp tension control during the weaving process.


Sectional warper

Creel built with swivel bobbin-holder


Ensure a perfect warp tension

A uniform yarn tension in the warping process is vital to produce high quality warp beams. Only with a proper produced warp beam can warp feed systems ensure a perfect warp tension from the full to the empty warp beam.


Constant tension over the entire thread sheet

The same applies to the weaving from a creel. The creels must be able to accommodate the required number of bobbins and to ensure a constant tension over the entire thread sheet. This means that these conditions must be fulfilled before the warp threads pass our electronically controlled feed unit behind the weaving machine.


Everything from a single source

To ensure that all components of the warp feed are perfectly interlocked, we offer everything from one source and guarantee the compatibility of all components and a perfect function.


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