Delivery roller drive

Weaving from creel with delivery roller drive

The delivery roller units are used to take-off the yarns from the creel or from several sectional warp beams and to feed them to the processing machines with the correct tension. This processing method is used in narrow and wide weaving as well as for warp knitting.


Delivery unit for narrow weaving from creel


Wide area of applications

Creels or several warp beams are used if the warp beam’s yarn capacity is too low, for fabric with low weft density, multilayer fabrics, tire cord fabrics, three-dimensional fabrics, geo textiles with net structure or fabric for agricultural application and industrial packaging etc.

Overlapping of flat yarns on the delivery roller can be a problem that can be avoided with the use of 2 delivery rollers. The same can also be done to achieve a very high warp tension. For fabrics with different weave-in of warp yarns as in multilayer fabrics or special applications in carbon weaving, multiple delivery rolls may be placed in a rack.


Electronic drives for warp beams and delivery rollers

The new electronic drives, currently being developed for narrow weaving and selvedge thread feeding, can be used for warp beams and delivery rollers. In this context we are also open to discuss with you the application of the “Internet of things”. Additional functions implemented with the “Internet of Things” allow the interaction between humans and systems as well as between the systems themselves.

Electronic warp beam drives have a number of advantages:

  • Constant and controlled warp tension throughout the weaving process
  • High productivity
  • Reduced machine load
  • Improved product quality


Would you like to use electronic drives on your installed or new machines? We also offer complete warp beam racks together with our drives.

Let us know – we will be pleased to advise you.