Introducing Rüti Textil

Modernization 4.0, we show you how!

The quality and functionality of Sulzer Rüti and Sulzer Textil projectile weaving machines are respected worldwide. With over 150’000 projectile weaving machines produced, many are still in use. And new machines of this type are still being developed, produced and offered by ITEMA today.

The reason for this extraordinary success is, among other things, the conceptually and qualitatively high-quality construction and their uniqueness in weft insertion. Even after more than 40 years these machines function without any problems!

Customers who today produce fabrics with projectile weaving machines know and appreciate the advantages of this technology. In market niches such as technical and wide fabrics, it is still the number one choice among weaving systems. And this should remain so!

Thanks to the possibilities of industry 4.0, individual modernizations are now possible. Machines do not have to be bought new, but can be easily adapted to current needs. But this requires a lot of experience and competence, especially in weft insertion.



For this purpose, Rüti Textil was founded in 2016.

We bring machines of the brands Sulzer Rüti and Sulzer Textil up to date.

And not only with projectile weaving machines.


Easy assembly of compatible conversion kits

Original thread tensioner lever

Rüti Textil weft tensioner lever light


In addition to the modernization of warp systems through Crealet, customers now also have the opportunity to modernize their weft insertion thanks to the components from Rüti Textil. This is not only an economically interesting but also an ecologically sensible choice. We call this “Green Production” in the sense of saving and preserving valuable resources.

More information can be found at, and in the next Crealetter on 4.6.2019 you can find out in detail about our product range.

Stay tuned!

Gianfranco Di Natale, founder and main owner Rüti Textil