New Concepts for Airbags

Airbags are important lifesavers

The need for security is deeply rooted in man for evolutionary reasons. Airbags and safety belts are considered life-saving safety features in accidents and can be found in all vehicles today. They have been and are continuously developed.



New future demands for safety belts and airbags

Future autonomous driving places entirely new demands on the car occupant protection, as seat positions can be chosen freely in future interior spaces. As a result, new concepts for belts and airbags have to be developed.

To meet the high standards of the automotive industry, the highest quality standards are placed on the airbag fabric. CREALET supports the fabric quality with its selvedge thread let-off devices during the weaving process at the selvedge area.


Selvedge thread let-off device on weaving machines for Airbags


Solutions for weaving dense fabrics

When weaving dense fabrics it can happen that the selvedge area of the fabric becomes looser than the rest of the fabric. This waviness has a negative effect; particular during the winding and unwinding of the fabric and during the coating process.

These disadvantages can be eliminated or at least minimized by feeding the selvedge threads electronically and at a higher tension to the weaving machine with separate spools.

The selvedge thread let-off devices guarantee a constant warp tension from the full to the empty spool. The devices can be equipped with a tension display to ensure the reproducibility of the settings.

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