The Brexit Challenge

Not too long ago, on February 5th, I published the post “Change and Renewal” where I argued that it requires courage and self-confidence to leave the known terrain and to open up to new perspectives and to new ways of thinking.


From an engineer’s point of view

Often enough we are skeptical facing changes, since they most likely bring to light negative aspects and seem to be a threat. But fear is not a great help when you need to overcome obstacles.

If the Brexit were to be looked at as a product development, many things could be approached with much more ease and confidence. An engineer might think about the Brexit challenge this way:

Hello Brexit. You are indeed a new challenge and now we intend to find a perfect solution for you, with just dimensions, up-to-date sensor technology and perfect tension control so you continue to add to mid and long term benefits for all mechanics involved.

Apparently, you need completely new wiring, cables and connectors, so you can continue to stay firmly attached to the main machinery, both physically and digitally, without having to interact with each and every process. Most important is the interface design between you and the main machinery, which only has very limited options in terms of multi-use connectors. That’s mainly due to missing overhauls in the past.

Embracing change

Most surprising to me was that the financial markets were obviously rather ill prepared for the leave vote. And many of the political heavy weights seem to be driven these days more by emotions than by a positive approach to develop a new configuration. A quote from Winston Churchill:

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Exchange rates

The leave vote didn’t really change much in terms of exchange rates of the Swiss Franc against the Euro or the British Pound. The Euro has recovered and gained back about half compared to January 2015. The GBP started to lose value against the CHF already last November. Today we are at about the same point as in January 2015.

We found solutions with our partners then and we will find fair solution again now.


EUR / CHF 720 days



GBP / CHF 720 days




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