Focus on Warp Beam Stands

Warp Beam Stands: Six Key Advantages to Consider

Efficient and economical: A quick overview of six key advantages you can gain with the installation of warp beam stands.



1.    Flexibility: wide areas of application

Warp beam stands are used for various kinds of applications, ranging from the weaving of fabrics with coarse yarn counts, use of warp yarns with widely differing yarn counts up to multi-layer fabrics with a different weave-in of the binder yarn.


2.    Easy handling of warp beam changes

The warp beam stands are developed with the latest technology and are especially designed for the easy handling of the warp beams during loading and unloading.


3.    Perfect amount and tension electronically controlled

They incorporate electronic controls for feeding the required amount of warp with the requested tension to the weaving machine.


4.    Ideal for large quantities and lengthy time periods

Warp beam stands can make the weaving process more efficient and economical, for example, in the case of fabrics that are woven in large quantities over a lengthy period of time and where traditional size warp beams are quickly woven out.


5.    Think big and control greater tension variations

The larger the diameter of the beams the longer the length of the warp that can be wound on to it and the fewer warp changes are therefore required. But at the same time the greater the tension variations that have to be compensated from full to empty warp beam. Warp beam stands with electronically controlled feeding and tension adjustment deliver the warp just right in terms of speed and tension.


6.    Above or behind: warp beam stands outside weaving machine

The most modern machines can take warps of up to 1100mm in diameter. If even larger diameter beams are needed for very coarse yarns, the beams can be placed onto separate warp beam stands outside the weaving machine. They can be placed either above or behind each other.

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