Warp Thread Feed Systems for Narrow Weaving Machines

Greater system efficiency and higher fabric quality

Warp Thread Feed SystemsIn ribbon weaving mills the warp yarns are often stored on several sectional warp beams.

For conventional negative electronic let-off devices, the warp thread tension is created by braking the bobbins with belts or cables.

These devices are cost-effective and very simple, but a consistent thread tension from a full to empty bobbin is not ensured.

They do not provide an optimal solution for high-quality and elastic fabrics. There are various warp thread feed systems available for improving these negative characteristics.

The following types of feed systems can be distinguished:

– Feed from sectional warp beams

– Feed with feeding unit from creel




Greater system efficiency and higher fabric quality

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Sectional warp beams

We have the ability and experience to convert existing sectional warp beam stands upon prior evaluation.

Warp Thread Feed Systems Sectional Warp Beams


The handling of the warp beam change remains largely preserved. We will also gladly develop, construct and produce completely new sectional warp beam stands. Each sectional warp beam stand can receive several warp beams.

Weaving from creel

In weaving from creel, the warp threads are fed to the weaving machine via feeding units that are under consistent tension.

Warp Thread Feed Systems Weaving from Creel


The feeding units are integrated in existing and new racks. The number of feeding units is dependent on the fabric construction. Each feeding position is separately powered by a gear motor.



The fabric tapes are pulled off the narrow weaving machine cloth take-up and the warp material is fed to the weaving machine according to the amount and tension. The drives can be designed for the respective requirements. The following warp let-off controllers are available:


Controller for smaller bobbins and lower warp tensions

Warp Thread Feed Systems crealet_solex297_E

The SOLEX controller was developed with the lean concept, which means unnecessary expenditure is avoided in order to keep the price as low as possible.

With the SOLEX controller, all components are connected in such a way that the expenditure for commissioning and maintenance is significantly lowered.

The warp thread tensions can be individually adjusted.

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For sectional warp beams and higher warp tensions

Warp Thread Feed Systems DIGI-KAST

The DIGI-KAST enables the regulation of up to four sectional warp beams, either completely independent from each other or in a synchronised mode.

This leads to significant cost savings when working with several sectional warp beams.

The processor controlled DIGI-KAST ensures a precise electronic maintenance of the thread tension from a full to empty warp beam.

The DIGI-KAST warp let-off controller optimises the weaving process and makes manual operation easier.

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