Tailored Warp Beam Frames for Ribbon Weaving

Greater system efficiency and higher fabric quality

In the past, an electronic warp feed for ribbon weaving was rather difficult to implement, mainly due to the associated costs. Today, new manufacturing processes and methods enable cheaper solutions.

An electronic feed of the warp threads not only has a positive influence on product quality, it also reduces machine load and warp breaks.

With the electronic feed of the warp threads, warp beams with a larger flange diameter can be used, whereby the efficiency of the weaving machine can be increased.


We design and manufacture warp feeding systems according to your needs. Years of experience and expertise in this area as well as the cooperation with innovative partners speak for us.




Greater system efficiency and higher fabric quality

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ImagesIndustry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT)Applications


Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are challenges that we face now and in the future.

We realize solutions that precisely and quickly synchronize the thread tension of different warp beams and link them together in an intelligent system combination.



Warp tension control

The new warp let-off controller is designed to control the warp tension on smaller warp beams used on ribbon looms. The controller is available for one or two axes.


CANopen and EtherCAT are available to ensure fast and secure data communication.



Warp tension control by load cell

Warp tension measuring by load cell. No springs have to be adjusted. Tension value visible on a display.



The CANopen protocol is a standardized protocol for the CAN bus and is mainly used for networking devices within complex systems.


Short cycle times and very accurate synchronization are its features. Continuous data communication with CANopen is possible based on uniform profiles.



Application of the warp let-off control

In narrow weaving, the demands on a controlled warp tension are becoming increasingly important. The manufacturing process of textiles, used in safety-critical environments, as automotive and medical applications, must be safe and traceable.

On the one hand, these devices can be operated completely autonomously by the loom or, on the other hand, they can be integrated into a network.

The device specific data, parameters, functions, programs (start, stop, set-up mode, warp tension, tension display and error behavior) can be exchanged via CANopen.


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