Selvedge Thread Let-off LT

Ensuring perfect thread tension in the selvedge area


Airbag woven without Let-off LT


Airbag woven with Let-off LT
  • Avoiding wavy selvedge areas
  • Accurate setting of warp tension
  • Display of the warp tension reference value
  • Constant warp tension
  • High reproducibility of warp tension
  • Interface for visualization of process data
  • Real-time remote access and support via TeamViewer
  • Flange diameter max. 300 mm
  • Tube diameter min. 40 mm
  • Full width of bobbin max. 195 mm
  • Warp tension max. 250 N
  • Supply voltage 24V DC, 120W

Control Unit

The controller is designed for smaller warp beams. CANopen and EtherCAT are available for fast and secure data communication.


The CANopen is a standardized protocol for the CAN bus and is mainly used for networking devices within complex systems.


Short cycle times and very accurate synchronization are its features. Continuous data communication with CANopen is possible on the basis of uniform profiles.


Ensuring perfect thread tension in the selvedge area

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