Selvedge Thread Let-off CS2

Custom labeling on selvedges


In many cases people are emotion driven in their decisions. Therefore products have to interact with consumers through design, logo, and messaging. Woven jacquard selvedges can be the right instrument for it.

Electronic Jacquard machines together with our selvedge thread let-off’s CS2 are particularly suitable for weaving-in custom labeling on selvedges and fabrics in a wide variety of applications. The CS2 guarantees a constant thread tension during the whole weaving process. Weaving a brand name enhances the value of fabric and helps preventing counterfeiting.

Field of applications: rapier, projectile, air jet weaving machines and shuttle looms

Fabric suitability: for labeling on selvedges in flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical weaves


The let-off system is equipped with a tensioning arm that functions as a measuring element for the warp tension and compensation of tension peaks during warp shed forming. After the adjustment of warp tension the tensioning arm keeps its position during weaving. It is a balance between yarn tension and spring load.

By controlling the tensioning arm during weaving, the yarn tension is maintained at a constant level. Changing the warp bobbin diameter is the main reason for warp tension variation and can be prevented by using the let-off CS2. The unit can also be used for weaving fancy yarn or placing marker threads. The unit works with all common flange bobbins for selvedge yarns.


Custom labeling on selvedges

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crealet_checkOK_32x32 — constant thread tension

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — easy to adapt and versatile

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — simple handling

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — maintenance-free



crealet_checkOK_32x32 — Flange diam. max.: 300 mm

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — Tube diam. min.: 40 mm

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — Full width of bobbin max.: 210 mm

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — Warp tension max: 96 N

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — Supply voltage: 24 VDC



crealet_checkOK_32x32 WARP BOBBINS: For natural and man-made fibers.

crealet_checkOK_32x32 SEMI-AUTOMATIC WARPING MACHINE: For natural and man-made selvedge thread yarns, as well as for tape yarn warp bobbins. The warping machine is equipped with the latest control and operating technology.


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