Control Unit Let-off UKAST 508

Designed for perfectly adjusted warp tension control

UKAST 508 CONTROL UNIT LET-OFFThe UKAST 508 is the revised let-off controller of the well-known KAST 197.

It can be used as replacement of KAST 197 but with its new design it allows for wider applications.

UKAST — this name stands for the really universal utilization.

The controller is designed for application of warp tension control for weaving machines and comes standard without a driver. It just gives a motor speed analog-output of 0-10VDC for external driver.

Depending on the application various motor drivers and motor sizes are available which supplies the necessary warp threads to the weaving machine and maintain the yarn tension constant from full to empty beam.

The warp thread tension is measured by a linear proximity sensor fitted to the back rest roller. The control system is equipped with dozens of function parameters, which allow an optimal adaptation to the most diverse types of fabric and weaving machines. If fine adjustments are needed, these can be made whilst the machine is running.


Designed for perfectly adjusted warp tension control

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Key AdvantagesModes & OperationOptionsUse


crealet_checkOK_32x32 — simple handling

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — maintenance-free

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — customized adaptation of let-off device with gear combination

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — various parameter programming for quality optimization

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — higher fabric quality



As soon as a machine run signal between 10-48 VAC/DC is available, the control system is in weaving mode. During this process the let-off keeps the position of the back rest roller to its reference setting and thus the warp thread tension remains constant. The position of the back rest roller is measured by a linear proximity sensor. If the weaving machine run signal is set back, the let off speed is memorized.


As soon as there is a signal between 10- 48 VAC/DC available, the control system is in slow motion mode. During operation in slow motion, the warp let-off moves at a speed proportional to the let-off speed memorized at last. The factor of proportionality can be set by means of a parameter.


If the two keys for manual operation are pushed simultaneously, the whip roller moves to its reference setting even when weaving machine is not running.


Pick finding mode can be selected from an external position. Electronic pick finding is done independent from the weaving machine.


The warp beam can be wound and unwound by hand with two keys.

UKAST_508_ExternalControlPanel_500x127EXTERNAL CONTROL PANEL

The external control can be fixed at weaver’s position for manual operation of the let-off from a remote position.



We provide a laptop with the necessary software for reviewing and setting parameters.

Agriculture fabric für KB HochlageFOR EXAMPLE IN AGRICULTURE

The UKAST 508 is for example used to produce high-quality fabrics for farming, construction and consumer demands.



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