Tirecord Solutions

Each year approximately one billion tires are produced worldwide. Their elastic, yet dimensionally stable structure is guaranteed by special fabrics.

Tire cord fabric is mainly woven from bobbin creels. A warp feeding device between creel and weaving machine ensures a uniform tension to the warp threads and a large-size batch winding device with its superior winding technology for big batches so they can be further processed without any problem.


Using degressive batching motion

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The production of large batches with this special tirecord fabric gives some problems with big diameters and heavy weights.

When using conventional batching motions the so-called “Cauliflower Effect” results.

This problem can be solved with the degressive batching motion. For winding the fabric lengths the batching motion is imperative.

We recommend using degressive batching motions.

With degressive winding the batch rolls are produced at a constant pressure, i.e. a device must exist which controls respectively reduces the pressure of the batch roll to the tangential driving roller.

For each fabric the pressure can be set individually. With this measure the so-called “Cauliflower Effect” is prevented. Variations in width and density especially in the selvedge zone are avoided.



crealet_checkOK_32x32 — simple handling

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — no “Cauliflower Effect”

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — no variation in width

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — no deformation of the selvedge zone

crealet_checkOK_32x32 — higher fabric quality


TirecordsThe degressive system consists primarily out of a weight system and a compensation system. The compensations system adjusts with a threaded spindle motor driven the pressure on to the winding roller.

The pressure itself can be set at the control panel. The compensation system is always equipped with an expelling device which is integrated into the side sleigh plate of the winding system.

By reversing into the starting position at the same time the batch roll can be expelled. With the degressive winding technique presently batch diameters of up to 2000 mm with up to 4000 kg can be produced.

As already mentioned these large fabric lengths have a positive effect primarily for the subsequent dipping and hot stretching process. Higher processing speeds are possible due to the exact position of the selvedge.

The squeezing rollers only need to be lifted shortly when the sewn connection pieces are passed through. Hence, less badly dipped fabric is produced and therefore a better tirecord quality is achieved.


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Tirecord equipment. (Image © CREALET)