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Textile Machinery by COMSAT

Our partner COMSAT (Construcciones Mataro Servicios y Asistencia Tecnica, S.L., Spain) is a leading company for Direct and Sectional Warpers.

COMSAT manufactures textile machinery for weaving preparation, including sectional warping machines and creels, auxiliary machinery, inspection machines, batching units and selvedge warpers. Get to know the COMSAT product lines below.



This new generation of warpers confirms the «Design and Technology» motto that has set COMSAT aside throughout their 5 decades of history. The direct warper series allows warping of any type of material, from cut fibers to continuous fibers with or without twist, as well as glass, plastic, etc.



Direct Warper UNI-EVO

Direct warper for high productivity of beams of medium density ready to be placed in the weaving loom.

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Direct Warper ENEVO

Ease of use, versatility and high quality are the starting points of the new direct warper ENEVO. It presents a series of innovations, obtaining a maximum warp quality and high efficiency with the goal of always offering the maximum performance.

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COMSAT, in stirving to remain at the forefront of technological progress, has developed the advanced and fully computerized UNI series sectional warping machine.



Sectional Warper UNI-20.3

The smallest warper of the range, allows warping in a simple way without complicated controls but still gives a high quality result.

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Sectional Warper UNI-31

The older brother of the UNI sectional warper series allows high productivity and great power without neglecting precision and quality.

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Sectional Warper UNI-EVO

The versatility of the new EVO UNI warper introduced by COMSAT, can successfully meet any type of application.

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COMSAT’s creels offer an architecture which is totally adaptable to the needs of each application. It obtains an effective group for each kind of production combining loading systems, tensioners and warp stop motions.



Loading Systems

The loading systems designed by COMSAT are intended to facilitate the loading of the bobbins in the creel depending on the application for each customer. There are several types of loading systems, such as FEU creel, FEU-R creel, FKU creel and FGU creel.

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Tension Systems

All the creel models can be configured with any type of tensioner. COMSAT has three different types of tensioners depending on the tension range and the kind of fibers to be warped.

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Warp Stop Motion System

COMSAT has three types of warp stop motion. The warp stop motion COMSAT IR is a fotoelectric system developed by COMSAT. The systems Eltex-uni and Eltex-unimag are sensitive to yarn fraction systems designed by Eltex for COMSAT.

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COMSAT’s extensive experience in the textile world has allowed the creation of the third generation of their batching motions. In parallel with the construction of the AT-41 III series batcher, COMSAT has designed the AT-41 III series AC: batchers with fabric accumulators.

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Inspection machines with different possible configurations, such as roll to roll system, roll to fold system, etc. COMSAT is highly adaptable which allows them to meet the requirements of each costumer, starting with the matex and office series.

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COMSAT’s Selvedge Warper S-200 for filling of selvedge bobbins, with standard creels for 12, 24 or 36 bobbins.

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