Member- and Partnerships

Innovations are possible thanks to our dialog with customers, with specialists in professional organisations and are based on discussions about visions for the future with our partners.


CREALET Partnerships



CREALET is responsible for the whole range of products from COMSAT for Switzerland, Germany and for special cases worldwide. The COMSAT product range includes: Direct and Sectional Warpers, Vertical Warping Creels, Cloth Inspection Machinery, Warpers for selvedge spools, Batching Motions. COMSAT is the leading company in this sector in Spain and is the world’s third-largest producer of Direct and Sectional Warpers.


Memberships Partnerships IQ-SPS


With our partner IQ-SPS we modernize weaving machine for the purpose specified by the customer. A modified used machine is in no way an ‘old’ machine. Rather, it is a machine that has been made state-of-art with the use of proven technology at affordable costs.



CREALET AG is pleased to be able to offer all types of creels thanks to the cooperation with Eichler and Meurers Industrietechnik GmbH. Wherever possible, overhead take-off creels can be used. However unrolling creels are used wherever a twist-free feeding of the yarns has to be guaranteed. Each creel is built according to the customer’s specifications.


Memberships Partnerships Schmid


Our close partnership in mechanical engineering with Schmid Maschinenbau AG is responsible for outstanding solutions. For complete assembled or for specialty single items. Schmid is our supplier for our demanding tailor-made products.


CREALET Memberships


Memberships Partnerships swissmem


Committed to a strong place for work and research. Swissmem unites the Swiss mechanical and electrical engineering industry and associated technology-oriented sectors. A location able to compete is the basis of success. The commitment of SWISSMEM applies to Switzerland, the context for work and thought, for this reason.



SWISS TEXTILE MACHINERY symbolizes our shared commitment to genuine added value. Our customers around the world benefit from our outstanding technological + sustainable achievements, our high-performance products + reliable services, our innovative + environmentally compatible processes and from our realistic + cost-efficient end-to-end solutions. We resolutely pursue one shared goal: satisfied + successful customers.


Memberships Partnerships Swiss Textiles


The interests of a good 200 companies in the textile and garments industry are represented jointly by Swiss Textiles. The Federation defends the superior interests of its member companies who operate in a range of different sectors with structures that have grown up in the course of history. They all share a wish to see their high quality products and services represented by a strong brand on the national and international markets. Swiss Textiles stands for innovative, high quality products and services and is appreciated as a quality mark all over the world.


Memberships Partnerships STF


Education for the textile industry. The Swiss Textile College provides high quality education (MA, BA, Courses) designed for the world of textiles. Fashion design, engineering, trade, marketing & project work together with the industry.