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CREALET is a Swiss company and a world-leading manufacturer of electronic warp feeding systems for both wide and narrow fabric weaving. We have been developing, manufacturing and installing innovative solutions for improving productivity, efficiency and quality since 2003 – always closely matching the requirements of our customers. Our expertise is continuously expanding, thanks to strategic partnerships with top technology providers – assuring a strong foundation for the success of our solutions.

CREALET upholds the Swiss values of quality, reliability and innovative power. We live by the pioneering spirit of our ancestors – and face the textile industry’s new challenges. We are never satisfied, until our customers are satisfied. We also remain modest, despite the success of our products and services – another aspect of our ‘Swissness’.


Warp Let-Off Systems

Crealet product for Weaving

The result of our long experience in this sector is an impressive range of products:

  • Warp beam drives and cloth take-up systems for wide and narrow weaving machines
  • Warp beam in high position for full and half warp beams
  • Warp beam frames for one or several warp beams behind the weaving machine
  • Warp yarn feeding systems for weaving from bobbin creels
  • Electronically controlled selvedge thread let-off systems
  • Tire cord weaving units

Mechanical Engineering

Crealet Mechanical Engineering

Engineering means for us co-operation marked by partnership and durability.

Our customer-direct and innovative thinking means that we provide our customers with decisive competitive advantages. Cost reduction and optimization of manufacturing processes in the automotive industry is in this sector our key focus.


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More about CREALET

Get to know us better and learn more about our background and market position.


MBO and Start in 2003

Swiss based CREALET AG was founded in 2003 by Walter Wirz, Leo Kuster and Jörg Schmid as a management–buy-out of the two product lines “Electronic Warp Let-Off Systems” and “Tire Cord Equipment” from Willy Grob AG. Within the following decade CREALET became the world leader in electronically controlled warp let-off devises for narrow and wide weaving machines.


Special Fabrics for Challenging Markets

We were convinced from the start that the increasing competitiveness of the Asian textile industry will have a big impact on the textile industry and that more technical textiles would be launched by leading companies around the globe. This implied a demand for increasingly complex special fabrics for highly challenging markets. And exactly these activities were served by CREALET with creative warp feed and let-off systems, based on more than 25 years of experience.


Reliability and Know-how

The company started its business at a time when the textile industry was facing a harsh and difficult economic climate, many economies were in a recession or about to fall into recession. Restructuring measures were tough and common. CREALET continued to support weaving specialist to master this difficult but equally very fast evolving time with a range of reliable products and innovative solutions, solving warp tension challenges worldwide. With our expertise and know-how our customers responded successfully to ever growing market demands.


Remarkable Benefits

Flexibility and long time experience were always the prerequisites for the company to work successfully. These assets allowed to generate genuine and remarkable benefits for our clients and to secure their satisfaction with adequate and cost-effective solutions. The results can be witnessed in the market today. CREALET’s R&D and technical innovations continue to promise a bright future.



CREALET’s expertise and future-oriented approach for solutions in manufacturing reach today far beyond weaving and cover a wide variety of high-tech industries around the globe. Analysis and improvement of manufacturing processes and our strive to anticipate upcoming developments characterize our engineering solutions from fabrics to automotive and space-related industries.


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Memberships and Partners

Innovations and visions for the future. Made possible together with the leading specialists and our partners.