Weaving from the creel: smart solutions for increased efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your weaving machines — weaving from the creel

If the warp beams are woven off quickly due to low weft densities or coarse yarns, this leads to frequent warp beam changes and thus to a reduction in the efficiency of the weaving machine.

In such cases, weaving from the creel can be useful. When weaving from the creel, the warp threads are fed individually from a yarn bobbin to the weaving machine.

Equalise tension differences

The unwinding points on the creel are often equipped with yarn tensioning devices that equalise the difference in tension between the full and empty yarn bobbins.

If the warp yarn tension is constant over the entire warp yarn sheet, a drawing-in unit can be used in combination with a delivery unit between the creel and weaving machine.

Weaving tension control

The weaving tension can thus be easily adapted to the requirements.

It is entered as a set value in the control unit of the delivery mechanism and can be read off on the control unit display just like the actual value. If the weaving tension is changed, the yarn tensioning devices on the creel no longer need to be adjusted.

Safely guided warp threads

The warp threads coming from the creel are fed to the feed roller via an eyelet board and an infeed comb in such a way that no overlaps occur and each warp thread is guided safely to the weaving station by the rubberised feed roller.

An additional warp stop motion can interrupt the feed before the warp material reaches the weaving machine in the event of warp thread breakage. The drawing-in unit can be equipped with a compensation roller to compensate for fluctuations in the drawing-in speed.

The most important element

The creel is the most important element in ensuring good warp tension. It must generate an almost constant warp tension. Only in this way can the drawing-in and delivery mechanism pass on the desired warp tension to the weaving machine.    

When was the last time you looked at your warp feed?

If you want more control over warp tension and optimised production, CREALET can help you develop and adapt your warp feed system.

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