LT3 now with safety shutdown STO

New: LT3 with safety shutdown STO (Safe Torque Off)

The new device LT3 has all the features of its predecessor, the LT2, but is additionally equipped with a safety shutdown STO (Safe Torque Off).

When STO is activated, no more power is available at the warp let-off motor that could cause rotation or movement. This contributes to highly effective employee and machine protection.

Fabrics woven with LT3

  • Carrier fabric for abrasives
  • Airbag fabric
  • Filter fabric etc.

The devices are also used together with name Jacquard machines for labeling selvedges and in flat fabrics, terry and technical fabrics.

Technical data of the LT3

  • max. flange diameter 300 mm
  • min. tube diameter 40 mm
  • max. total width of the bobbin 195 mm
  • max. warp tension 250 N
  • supply voltage 24DC, 120W


  • Avoidance of selvedge ripple
  • Exact adjustment of the warp tension
  • Display of the warp tension reference value
  • Constant warp tension
  • High reproducibility
  • Interface for visualization of process data
  • Real-time remote access and support via TeamViewer

LT series selvedge thread feeder

Our selvedge thread feeders for wide weaving machines of the LT series are in great demand. They are used worldwide where wavy edges, also called flutter edges, occur. This waviness is clearly visible in relaxed fabrics, where the centre of the fabric is smooth while the edge area of the fabric is wavy.

Often the edge waviness is different on the two edges of the fabric. With the LT units mounted on both sides, this circumstance can be taken into account and adjusted to the corresponding requirements on both sides.

By avoiding edge waviness, negative effects on subsequent process steps such as finishing and converting can be avoided. In addition, when winding wavy fabrics, the fabric jam and thus the formation of wrinkles is prevented.

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