20-year-special: Absolutely tailor-made

Crealet stands for 20 years of electronic warp feeding expertise

Crealet, the world-leading provider of electronic warp feeding systems for both wide and narrow fabric weaving, celebrates its 20th anniversary. The two decades are notable for solutions which fit the special needs of weavers.

Crealet 20 years


Crealet was formed through a management-buy-out from Willy Grob AG. The time was right, as weaving machine manufacturers were integrating their own electronic warp let-off systems and this part of the Willy Grob business was affected as a result.

A growing need for warp let-off controls with specific customized solutions was identified by Walter Wirz and Leo Kuster, at that time employed as CEO and Design Manager at Willy Grob. The pair seized the opportunity, supported by Johann Georg Schmid and Altmann Holding AG, and Crealet was established – its name based on “creative warp let-off”.

KAST history

Crealet aimed to offer a universal control system suitable for different applications with the plus to achieve high warp tensions what is often impossible on weaving machines featuring integrated warp let-off.

So, in 2008, the UKAST was introduced. It was also a replacement for the KAST 197, for use in wide weaving for ground and warp beams in high positions, as well as for warp beams in free-standing warp beam frames.

Customer-specific warp yarn feeder program

This was one year after ITMA 2007 in Munich, where Crealet was a newcomer, presenting its customer-specific warp yarn feeder program for weaving machines.

“We also took the occasion to look for agents in order to get in contact with customers worldwide. We needed to convince them of our idea for a service which was not widely realized at that point in time,” says Walter Wirz, then CEO of Crealet.

The young company’s offer was as individual as the weavers’ needs, e.g., for early developments in the field of technical textiles.

Crealet built a reputation for developing systems to replace older control units, or to meet the requirements of new applications such as ribbon weaving.

The firm’s experts devised a wide variety of solutions – such as selvedge yarn feeders to prevent waviness at fabric edges, and feeders for weaving carbon or tyre cord fabrics.

Always developing – “We Drive You to Success”

At ITMA 2015, Crealet’s self-confidence and strength were underlined by its new slogan “We Drive You to Success.”  Subsequent years proved that the focus on customized solutions was the right one. But it remained a challenge to explain the value of a system which was absolutely tailor-made, complex and individual.

Crealet’s philosophy is that self-satisfaction should not last too long. Being good listeners, Crealet experts well understand what customers need.

For example, there was a demand for a servo control to offer high precision and to approach and hold defined positions without torque loss. With the control of KAST ERGO, it’s possible for weavers to switch from mechanical fabric take-off to electronic.

“Linked Motion Control”

The Crealet innovation “Linked Motion Control” was first introduced at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona, signaling a new era of warp tension measurement. This innovative load cell sensor system includes the advantage that the setpoint can be entered at the control unit, ensuring that the warp tension settings are highly reproducible.

Crealet believes its high level of service and support sets it apart from other industry players. Customers can rely on instant professional help from knowledgeable engineers in case of a malfunction.

The new controls are designed to allow direct access to the warp let-off system via a remote maintenance tool. Quick and efficient support is guaranteed, without the need for a specialist on-site – a definite saving in time and money.

The show goes on

No single KAST solution will ever be ideal for all warp beams and weaving machine types. Crealet takes the view that ‘good enough is not enough’ with its program of various controls.

Actually, the portfolio goes far beyond control devices, and includes the entire mechanical design of the system. Only when all components are perfectly coordinated can a system work perfectly.

Latest developments:


Crealet has developed as a one-stop source for comprehensive consulting and solutions, with two key business partnerships bringing synergies and added value.

The company has joined forces with COMSAT (core competence in sectional and direct warping machines and creels) and AEI (specialized in manufacturing quality assurance solutions in warp knitting and warp preparation).

The alliances broadened the expertise and range of technologies available to customers.

Swiss quality for the global textile industry

Crealet upholds the typical Swiss values of quality, reliability and innovative power, living in the pioneering spirit of their ancestors – and facing the textile industry’s new challenges.

“We are never satisfied, until our customers are satisfied,” says Walter Wirz, nowadays Emeritus CEO at Crealet. He has never regretted taking the risk to open the business with his partners.

Companions describe him as always remaining modest, despite the success of Crealet products and services and the company’s world-leading position as manufacturer of electronic warp feeding systems.

Standing left to right: Leo Kuster, Walter Wirz, Mario Kuster. Sitting: Andreas Wirz CEO