Beyond customized warp systems

Crealet presents individual and comprehensive solutions at ITMA 2023

Sophisticated warp feeding technology and tailored solutions will be presented by Crealet at ITMA 2023 – exactly as the Swiss company’s customers would expect. But there will be more: innovations in warp feeders for ribbon machines and the latest ECR control systems should be highlights for visitors – while the main attraction, as always, will surely be access to valuable first-hand knowledge from Crealet experts in both weaving and knitting applications.

In the 20 years since its start-up, Crealet has built a reputation as a global leader in electronic warp feeding systems for both wide and narrow fabric weaving. Warp feeding is a technique that is both complex and vital to successful fabric production, so mills worldwide want a partner which is both innovative and ultimately reliable.

Yarn tension is a big story in warp feeding. Getting it right makes a massive difference to how the warp performs. In recognition of this, Crealet has devised effective solutions which quickly and precisely synchronize the tension of different warp beams – and which connect to an integrated network.

“It’s our goal to enable customers to realize their creative ideas now and in the future,” says Crealet CEO Andreas Wirz.


Markets are now more dynamic than ever, with the rate of new products and variations accelerating. At the same time, customers have increasingly strict demands on fabric quality. It makes weaving a sector that is getting tougher and more competitive all the time. To make the task even harder, product varieties are expanding and batch sizes are fluctuating.

That’s why weavers need the reliability they get from Crealet, with warp feeding solutions that keep pace with trends and sophisticated technologies to optimize processes. Modern solutions must fit with IOT and Industry 4.0, so Crealet is dedicated to making the warp thread feed reproducible, traceable, and reliable.

Crealet Warp Yarn Linked Motion Control

The new solutions at ITMA

The background to Crealet innovations is a focus on optimizing customers’ end-products and transforming the feeding processes. The newest development is a warp yarn feeding solution for ribbon weaving machines that will be introduced at the upcoming exhibition in Milan. The system features the ECR system for electronic control of rope braking on warp beams in ribbon weaving.

Crealet ECR warp let-off control unit

Upgrading rope brakes with the ECR control keeps warp tension constant from full to empty beam. This improves fabric quality and reduces labor requirements. Technical benefits are the easy adjustment of warp tension and the monitoring and visualization of warp tension.

For high-tech fabrics, customers need warp let-off devices to perform standardized processes at consistently high-quality levels.

Crealet ECR system on a Jakob Müller narrow weaving machine

Customized warp let-off applications are a big Crealet success story, especially for technical, sophisticated, and sensitive fabrics. In fact, smart electronic warp let-offs are now a core business. For high-tech fabrics, customers need warp let-off devices to perform standardized processes at consistently high-quality levels. “We are the ideal partner for the many different requirements in warp feeding. We have all the know-how and experience to optimize machine efficiency and fabric quality,” says Wirz.

Meet the experts…

Constant tension throughout the warp is essential for quality end-products, and accurate feeding of warp threads from beams is possible only with impeccable warp beam preparation. That’s where the partnership with COMSAT brings extra value to Crealet customers, with sectional and direct warping machines and creels, as well as inspection machines, batching motions and selvedge thread warpers.

Crealet’s extended customer offering now takes in even more weaving preparation options, through the link with Appalachian Electronic Instruments. This US company has specialized in quality and process control for the textile industry, developing and manufacturing quality assurance solutions in warp knitting and warp preparation. The big plus for visitors to ITMA 2023 will be the chance to meet Crealet experts face to face. Wide-ranging discussions can extend far beyond customized warp systems into the exchange of comprehensive know-how across the whole field. The Crealet presence at booth B306 in Hall 6 will be a rewarding one-stop shop for unrivaled knowledge in preparation systems for fabric manufacture.