LCM warp let-off control

For high warp thread tension

The LCM warp let-off control was designed in addition to the established BLDC control for higher warp thread tension.

The BLDC control served as the basis for the development of the LCM control.

Multiple beams and network readiness

With the control unit one or two warp beams can be controlled. The «Linked Motion Control» concept is available for applications with more than two warp beams. The individual LCM controls are operated in a CANopen network.

The use of new technologies and components form the central building blocks for this successful investment in the future.

Improved Touchscreen

A capacitive full-color touchscreen is used as operating and display device, which has better optical transparency than the resistive touchscreens. This enables simple interaction with the control system and better visualization of the process data.

Swiss product

The LCM control is a Swiss product that was developed in a partnership. Comprehensive software ensures that the control can be adapted to a wide variety of customer needs.

This not only enables solutions for warp thread feeding, it can also be used for various winding and unwinding applications.

Advantages of LCM control:

  • Reproducibility of production data
  • Traceability of production and process data
  • Visualization of the warp thread tension
  • Tissue data storage
  • Easy to use
  • Network compatible
  • Torque Safety input (safety torque off)
  • Control of holding brakes possible