Benefits of electronic warp feeding

Warp beam frames and warp beam drives

Our customer driven warp thread feeding business continues to be a focus of our company.

First, a look at the broad range of advantages

Electronic warp feeding devices to weaving machines increase fabric quality and machine efficiency and guarantee higher process reliability with a lower load on the machine.

Development and production

Our core expertise lies in developing and producing warp beam frames and warp beam drives for the narrow and wide weaving as well as the warp knitting industry.

All warp beam frames are customized according to their warp beam sizes, warp beam bearings, weft densities, warp tensions and warp materials.

Available space and modifications

Often the existing space conditions and the warp beam handling systems play a role in the design of the warp beam frames. We do not only customize the warp beam frames according to the needs of the customers; we also modify existing warp beam frames so that they can be equipped with warp beam drives.