Individual selvedge tension

This is how you eliminate floppy fabric selvedges

Floppy selvedges are created by the different weave in of the weft thread over the entire fabric width, which can be massive in the selvedge area. This unbalanced tension leads to processing problems and unevenness in the selvedge areas of the fabric.


Who is affected?

Affected are mainly high-quality technical textiles such as airbag and filter cloth.

  • Sometimes up to 20% (!) of the production width can be unusable material!


Counteract with electronically controlled selvedge let-offs

To counteract this phenomenon, our customers have been using electronically controlled selvedge let-offs for years. The selvedge threads are placed on separate spools which are installed on both sides of the loom.

These units allow the warp tension to be adjusted individually in the selvedge area to minimize or eliminate floppy selvedges.


Latest generation thanks to continuous enhancement

Under constant development over time, these selvedge let-offs have now been completely redesigned: The warp tension is now measured entirely via load cells. The setpoint and actual values ​​are shown on a display and allow a high reproducibility of the settings.

In total, more than 330 units have been installed worldwide which proves the great benefits of these devices. Currently more than 70 of the latest generation units are successfully in operation every day.


More Information

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