BLDC: Intelligent Warp Beams

New warp feed systems for narrow weaving

CREALET presented at the ITMA 2019 in Barcelona for the first time the “Linked Motion Control”; a warp yarn feed system with PC-based control technology in which several warp beams are linked with each other.




It was possible to show the visitors impressively the enormous advantages such a system brings with it in relation to:

  • Reproducibility of the production data
  • Traceability of the production- and process data
  • Fabric data storage
  • Easy handling

When is the right time?

There are many reasons for investing in complex warp feed systems, but they are mainly used when converting to:

  • larger warp beams,
  • when implementing intelligent warp tension control,
  • when optimizing warp beam handling and
  • when adapting to current safety regulations.

Network integration

The warp feed systems can be integrated into a network. This possibility opens up a major leap in automation in the production of narrow textiles.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Investments in warp feed systems help to reduce resources and cost and simultaneously increase productivity and efficiency.


We have a positive outlook on the future and look forward to hearing from you or receiving your feedback!