Thank you, Leo Kuster!

Retirement from the operating business

Leo Kuster, founder, co-owner and constructing engineer of CREALET AG withdrew from the operating business at the end of April 2019. As a shareholder and member of the Board of Directors, he continues to shape the future of CREALET.



He completed his training as a machine engineer at the Maschinenfabrik Rüti. Here, in the textile industry, he found his challenge and later vocation. Afterwards he moved to Willy Grob AG, where he was responsible for the product groups warp- and warp beams, warp beam brake units, textile transport trolleys and the development of the first electronic warp let-off devices.

With the takeover of the company by Hunziker AG, he met his future business partner, Walter Wirz. In the following years, he deepened his knowledge in the areas of electronic let-off devices, tire cord winding units and batching units.

In 2003 he founded his own company CREALET AG together with Walter Wirz. They took over the 2 product groups electronic let-off devices and tire cord winding units from Willy Grob AG. His well deliberated constructions are still in use all over the world today.

Leo Kuster was known for his high level of commitment and he was also willing to work for the company on weekends if necessary. At home in Eschenbach, he was any time able to check if everything was right. He also raised 4 children together with his wife Heidi.

With his calm manner he helped to keep the ship on course, even in stormy times. He relaxed the mood with his always humorous sayings at the right moment.

His son, Mario Kuster, who has been in the business since 2007, is a worthy successor.


The whole Crealet team wishes Leo Kuster all the best for the new stage of his life.

Walter, Claudia, Mario & Andreas