Safety-Relevant Applications

Process reliability for airbag-, filter- and medical fabrics

Fabrics for safety-relevant applications must meet high functional and quality requirements. In particular, with the process-critical productions such as airbag-, filter- and medical fabrics, the thread tension is an important parameter that determines success or failure.


The new Selvedge Thread Let-off LT, which is used for small warp beams, for example for selvedge threads on wide weaving machines or in narrow weaving, is characterized by high accuracy and reproducibility.



  • Avoiding of waviness at the selvedges
  • Display of the warp tension reference value
  • Setting of the warp tension on the control unit
  • Constant warp tension
  • High reproducibility
  • Interface for visualization of process data
  • Support via remote maintenance


More information see: Selvedge Thread Let-off LT