Crealetter No. 22 Mar 2019

Welcome to the twenty-second issue of the Crealetter, our quarterly update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

In this first comprehensive issue of 2019, we introduce you to the new “Selvedge Thread Let-off LT” by CREALET. It is designed to ensure perfect thread tension in the selvedge area.

Further, you find ideas and examples on how to prevent floppy selvedges and how to increase process reliability for safety-relevant applications. Get to know our tailor-made and complete warp feed solutions.

And: you can meet with us at techtextil 2019 in Frankfurt and at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona (Hall H4, Booths A110/A111).

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New: Selvedge Thread let-off LT

Ensuring perfect thread tension in the selvedge area.

Selvedge Thread Let-off LT

Technical fabrics must meet high functional and quality requirements. Wherever high qualities are required, the reproducibility and process reliability of the warp tension plays an essential role. This is where the Selvedge Thread Let-off LT comes in.

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Prevent Floppy Selvedges

Use Case 1:
Prevent floppy selvedges with the Selvedge Thread Let-off LT

When weaving dense fabric it can happen that the selvedge areas of the fabric are looser than the rest of the fabric. This is called a wavy or floppy selvedge.

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Use Case 2:
Safety-Relevant Applications with the Selvedge Thread Let-off LT

Fabrics for safety-relevant applications must meet high functional and quality requirements. In particular, with the process-critical productions such as airbag-, filter- and medical fabrics, the thread tension is an important parameter that determines success or failure.

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Tailor-Made Solutions by CREALET

CREALET offers a comprehensive spectrum of products and professional service in the field of warp tension control and warp feeding systems to customers worldwide. The tailor-made control systems are all designed in-house.

Load Cell

Get to know our warp tension control and warp feed systems.

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Complete Warp Feed Solutions by CREALET

So that you can concentrate on the development, production and distribution of high-quality fabrics, we optimize the warp feed for you.

Warp Beam Frame Plug & Play

Warp Beam Frame Plug & Play

Warp tension control single or dual with load cell.

Warp tension control single or dual with load cell


Meet with CREALET at ITMA 2019

Hall H4 – Booths A110/A111

Meet with CREALET at techtextil 2019

Frankfurt am Main | May 14th to 17th, 2019



Introducing: Rüti Textil GmbH

Rüti Textil

Modernization 4.0, we show you how!

The quality and functionality of Sulzer Rüti and Sulzer Textil projectile weaving machines are respected worldwide. Thanks to the possibilities of industry 4.0 individual modernizations are now possible.

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Rüti Textil Features

The CREALET Global Network

Serving the World’s Weaving CommunityCREALET Global Network

We maintain a global network of representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and are always near you.

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