Merry Christmas

Dear Customers, Partners and Friends

For the upcoming Christmas and the Year 2019 we send you and your family our best wishes.

May the New Year bring you health and the fulfillment of all your expectations.



With amazement, interest and some concern, we take note of the global warming, the curbing globalization through protectionism and the increasing digitization. A global change is underway whose dimensions we cannot yet estimate and classify.

We believe that waiting or resigning in a tense or uncertain situation is the worst of all advice. This applies in private as well as in economic areas.


“Standstill means regression.”


Standstill is synonymous with stagnation and ultimately leads to the collapse of the systems. The global change not only brings dangers but also opportunities. Alteration stands for change and change provides movement.

We are therefore required to keep constantly moving. This means that we cannot rest on our current achievements. Changes can be both positive or negative. For this reason, our actions must again and again be tested for sustainability.


“In the future, we must use our actions even more consistently to bring about positive change.”


Let’s take advantage of the challenges and the opportunities and try to make the world a bit better with our actions.

In this sense we wish you a reflective and relaxing time.