Focus Innovation

Creativity. Engineered in Switzerland.

Whether in the textile industry or other branches of industry, innovation is today the most important growth driver in the global market. Process and production quality are directly influenced by innovation.

Since its foundation 15 years ago, CREALET has always aimed to offer its customers the most innovative solutions on the market. This is still true today: The offers bundle the most innovative products and services in a global and increasingly digital market environment.


“Today, we are again faced with enormous challenges,
not least the globalization and digitalization of our industry,
with a new raw material called ‘data’.”

Ernesto Maurer, President Swiss Textile Machinery


Committed and well informed

A prerequisite for innovation is the early identification of important trends. Anticipating future developments has always been part of CREALET’s business model.

This is why we are also a member of the most important associations and specialist groups in the Swiss textile and metal industry.

These commitments and memberships also give us direct access to CEMATEX (Le Comité Européen des Constructeurs de Machines Textiles, owner of ITMA).




For the Needs of the Global Textile Industry

CREALET emerged 2003 from the global needs of the Textile Industry in the field of textile surface formation. Since then the field of activity has continuously expanded.

The Core Business

The core business of CREALET includes designing and manufacturing of electronically controlled warp thread feed systems for wide and narrow weaving machines.

Supplementary products and special machinery

Trading with supplementary products as well as designing and manufacturing special machinery for a wide variety of industries (for example automotive or space industries) complete the range of services.

  • Conversions to electronic warp feed and fabric take-up
  • Warp beams in high position for full and half warp beams
  • Warp beam frames behind the weaving machine
  • Warp feeds between creel and weaving machine
  • Selvedge thread let-offs
  • Rewinding devices for surplus warp ends
  • Unrolling creels and overhead take-off creels
  • Direct and sectional warpers
  • Warpers for selvedge spools
  • Inspection machines


  • Complementary products for weaving
  • Digital connectivity
  • Special machinery for various industries