Crealetter No. 21 Nov 2018

Welcome to the twenty-first issue of the Crealetter, our quarterly update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

Today, we introduce you to an easy way to measure warp tension (including a portable digital display) and we show you how to reduce machine load and warp breaks in ribbon weaving with our smart solutions.

Read the interview with our chief engineer Mario Kuster about challenges and approaches in the digital age and learn about our sponsorship with Special Olympics Switzerland.

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Real Easy Measurement of Warp Tension

The warp tension measuring head TMT enables the  measurement of warp tension. The portable digital display TD-01 allows the visualization of the input signals.

Electronic Tension Meter TMT

The warp tension measuring head TMT is a useful tool for measuring the warp tension in the warp and the portable digital display TD-01 has an LCD screen for visualization of the warp tension.

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Ribbon Weaving: Reduce Machine Load and Warp Breaks

In the past, an electronic warp feed for ribbon weaving was rather difficult to implement. Today, new manufacturing processes and methods enable smart solutions.

Modern Ribbon Weaving

With modern and powerful drives and motions, CREALET delivers intelligent and process-oriented drive variants for the control of warp threads. In addition, our motions offer integrated safety and comfort features.

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Creativity. Engineered in Switzerland.

Whether in the textile industry or in other industries, innovation is today the most important growth driver in the global market.

Focus Innovation

A prerequisite for innovation is the early identification of important trends. This is why we are also a member of the most important associations and specialist groups in the Swiss textile and metal industry.

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The Interview with the Chief Engineer

About market needs, new manufacturing methods and digital challenges.

Interview Mario Kuster

Mario Kuster, mechanical engineer at CREALET, answers questions about the current challenges, about trends such as Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things and the positioning of CREALET in the global textile market.

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Advance Notice

Meet with CREALET at ITMA 2019

Hall H4 – Booth A110

Social Responsibility: Special Olympics Switzerland

Crealet supports “Special Olympics Switzerland”.

Special Olympics Switzerland

As a donor in 2018, CREALET AG once again sets a valuable sign for the appreciation, the integration and an equal status for the athletes of Special Olympics Switzerland.

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