Upgrade to electronic warp let-off’s

Upgrading of mechanical warp thread let-off’s

Any mechanical warp let-off unit can be replaced by a precise electronically controlled warp let-off.


Selvedge Thread Let-off LT1


Additional value for your products

A conversion to electronically control warp feeding can give an additional value to your products and simplify your warp tension setting and monitoring.


Worthwhile benefits

Furthermore, CREALET’s warp let-off systems provide a sustainable production of all kind of fabrics with a high-quality standard. Upgrading to electronically controlled warp-let off systems ensure safety, user-friendliness and efficiency throughout the weaving process.


Your personal solution

Finding the technically best solution for your requirements is a challenge that we gladly accept. In order to be able to work out a solution for you simply send us a brief introduction of your warp thread let-off project.