Crealetter No. 20 Sep 2018

Welcome to the twentieth issue of the Crealetter, our quarterly update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

This time we have an extended issue for you, covering the signs of change, winding selvedge bobbins, inspection machines, delivery roller drives, quality warp beams, solutions for narrow weaving and upgrades to electronic warp let-offs.

With this 20th issue we also introduce a new dynamic search function on our website, allowing you to explore our more than 200 articles and pages in two languages.

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See the Signs of Change

The art to meet the demands of a changing marketplace lies in the timely recognition of the signs of change and the courage to undertake something.

Selvedge Thread Let-Off LT2

In the manufacture of high quality fabrics, the demands and expectations on product quality are continuously increasing. This fact leads CREALET to develop completely new solutions for warp feeding with new drives and tension measuring control units.

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Do you want perfect Selvedge Bobbins?

The warper is used for winding selvedge bobbins. The main purpose is to achieve a constant wrap throughout the complete bobbin diameter range.

Selvedge Warper S-200

The Selvedge Warper S-200 meets the high requirements on the production of selvedge bobbins in the weaving mill. It distinguishes itself through the constant yarn tension and a high efficiency for further processing in the weaving application.

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This is how you reliably inspect any fabric

Important for a perfect inspection is for example the lighting which can be done with incident light or transmitted light. Depending on customer’s requirements in various designs.

Inspection Machines

The specification depends on the fabric, the fabric supply on the machine and the provision of the fabric after the inspection. There are many other optional features that offer an optimal solution for any application.

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Weaving from Creel with Delivery Roller Drives

The delivery roller units are used to take-off the yarns from the creel or from several sectional warp beams and to feed them to the processing machines with the correct tension.

Delivery roller drive

The new electronic drives, currently being developed for narrow weaving and selvedge thread feeding, can be used for warp beams and delivery rollers. Additional functions with the “Internet of Things” allow interactions between humans and systems and between the systems themselves.

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Advance Notice

Meet with CREALET at ITMA 2019

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The Way to Highest Quality Warp Beams

Ensure that all components of the warp feed are perfectly interlocked. From one source, with guaranteed compatibility of all components for a perfect function.

Warp Beams

Through a network of highly qualified partners we also offer additional products such as weaving creels and warpers for warp beam preparation. These products complement our existing range in the field of warp tension control during the weaving process.

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Solutions for Narrow Weaving

For weaving from sectional warp beams or creels, we develop and manufacture warp feeding units for the Narrow Weaving Industry.

Solutions for Narrow Weaving

Improve fabric quality and machine efficiency through optimized thread tension during the whole weaving process, higher quality assurance, reduced machine load and higher productivity. It is also possible to convert existing warp beams to electronic warp feed.

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Upgrade to Electronic Warp Let-off’s

Any mechanical warp let-off unit can be replaced by a precise electronically controlled warp let-off.


A conversion to electronically controlled warp feeding can give an additional value to your products and simplify your warp tension setting and monitoring. CREALET’s warp let-off systems provide a sustainable production of all kind of fabrics with a high-quality standard.

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New Search Function for our Web Visitors

A dynamic beta-search option allows you now to explore the CREALET website in completely new ways. Search for products, applications or any keyword that you are interested in.

New Web Search

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