Crealetter No. 19 Jun 2018

Welcome to the nineteenth issue of the Crealetter, our regular update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

Today you are invited to learn more about our newly expanded program for force-, load- and weighing sensors and measuring electronics.

Then, we look at new concepts for airbags and safety belts and finally at two methods for high quality productions with large fabric lengths.


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Your Launch into the Digital Future

Expanded program for force-, load- and weighing sensors and measuring electronics.

Force-, load- and weighing sensors

Since the beginning of March 2018 we have expanded our product range with a comprehensive program in the field of force-, load- and weighing sensors as well as measuring electronics.

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New Concepts for Safety Belts and Airbags

Future autonomous driving demands entirely new concepts for belts and airbags.

Crash Test Belt and Airbags

Future autonomous driving places entirely new demands on the car occupant protection, as seat positions can be chosen freely in future interior spaces. As a result, new concepts for belts and airbags have to be developed.

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Selvedge thread let-off device on weaving machines for Airbags


Two methods for large fabric lengths

The Challenge: Enormous warp yarn consumption.

Sectional Beams

Weaving from sectional beams or from creel are two proven methods for high quality production with large fabric lengths, especially when using coarse warp yarns and fabrics with low weft-density.

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The CREALET Global Network

Serving the World’s Weaving CommunityCREALET Global Network

We maintain a global network of representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and are always near you.

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