Crealetter No. 18 Mar 2018

Welcome to the eighteenth issue of the Crealetter, our regular update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

Read about our new partnership with E&M for all types of creels, specified for different yarns made out of glass, carbon, metal or basalt. And with a new product line we can now provide more solutions with leading load cells for control, accuracy and security.

Plus, you find answers to these questions: How do you generate sustainable added value for high quality fabrics in a perfect manner and, at the same time, enable your machines to be operated sustainably and more economically?

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Yarn Feeding from Creels

CREALET is pleased to be able to offer all types of creels in the future thanks to the new cooperation with Eichler and Meurers Industrietechnik GmbH.

Yarn Feeding from Creels

Each creel is built according to the customer’s specifications. They can be specified for different yarns made out of glass, carbon, metal or basalt.




Security with Load Cells

Control, accuracy and security with load cells.

Load Cells

Monitoring of tension makes good sense from a safety and productivity perspective in many areas of industry. In many processes it is essential to detect and prevent tension variation. With can assist you with standard roll- and pulley load cells as well as weighing load cells.




Sustainable Added Value

For high quality fabrics in perfect quality.

Sustainable Added Value

The use of electronically controlled warp let-off and fabric take-off devices generates added value and enables the machines to be operated sustainably and economically.




Smart Partnerships

Smart Partnerships

Looking to the future, our team works closely with our partners to provide projects and products  that support you in future needs.




The CREALET Global Network

Serving the World’s Weaving CommunityCREALET Global Network

We maintain a global network of representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and are always near you.

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