Merry Christmas

Christmas time, time to reflect!

Christmas advertising is everywhere around us. Well-known Christmas songs sound in shopping malls, radios and television to bring the Christmas spirit to us.

There are not many days left until Christmas and there is still much to do for many of us.

Why are we doing this? What is it that we like about this festival? Is it the time when we sit together with our family members? When we are eating together, laughing and talking openly with one another, so that nobody feels alone and left out during the Christmas season?

Yes, I think that’s the time we enjoy.



But it is also the time in which we can reflect.

We live in a difficult time with many crises such as disasters, terror, armed conflicts, epidemics and environmental scandals.

In addition, the current global political situation is marked by false and poisoned news, presumptuous self-glorification, arrogance, pride, and smugness. It seems as if respect and truth are dying in mutual dealing with each other.

This situation reminds me of a statement by Albert Schweitzer which reads as follows (1924):



“In this time, when violence, clothed in lies, as uncanny as never before sits on the throne of the world, I remain convinced that truth, love, peacefulness, gentleness, and kindness are the powers that are above all power. The world will belong to them when only enough people think and live pure, strong and strict enough the thoughts of love, truth, peacefulness and gentleness.”



Therefore let us use the Christmas time in order to reflect and come to our senses. I think we should jointly shape a world, in which social justice is lived, where conflicts are carried out non-violently, and where all creatures have their intact habitat.

Let us use this time to make the world a little brighter.

Do approach other people positively and you will see that  these encounters become great moments when they feel someone is listening to them with their questions and thoughts, their hopes and worries. Encounters get under your skin, they touch the heart and cause change and personal transformation in us. In the miracle of encounter people find each other.

The CREALET team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and of course many magical encounters these days.

With the very best regards,

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