Crealetter No. 17 Dec 2017

Welcome to the seventeenth issue of the Crealetter, our regular update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

Today we invite you to learn about how you can prevent the high costs of end-to-end solutions and when the right time for a warp let-off upgrade arrives. In addition we prepared a short history of warp feed development since the 18th century.

And finally you find articles about special mechanical engineering by CREALET, unwinding and winding up and how you can stand out in a competitive industry.

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History: Development of the warp feed on weaving machines

From the 18th century up to today’s highly sophisticated electronic warp feed systems.

warp feed development

In the past, the fabric was woven on handlooms with fixed warp beams which were locked by a locking device. After the production of a certain fabric length it could be loosened so that more warp could be released. Here’s a recap of warp feed development, starting in the 18th century up to today’s highly sophisticated electronic warp feed systems.

Read the historical recap >>


Prevent the high costs of end-to-end solutions

How to achieve individual solutions without great effort.

prevent high costs of end-to-end solutions

Textile machine manufacturers are under constant innovation and cost pressure. Despite these huge challenges, even today, many still consider themselves as providers of complete end-to-end solutions. Which in turn leads to unnecessary high costs.

Prevent the high costs >>


When is the right time for a warp let-off upgrade?

warp let-off upgrade

When business is changing towards higher fabric quality or fabric specifications which require a state of the art warp let-off system, then it is the right time for an upgrade.

State of the art warp let-off system >>


Special mechanical engineering

special machinery engineering

Our competence lies in the development, production and assembly of systems and devices for the textile and automotive industry as well as in plant and mechanical engineering.

Plan, develop, design and realize projects >>


How to stand out in a competitive industry?

stand out in a competitive industry

In an industry with many competitors you have to find a way to differentiate yourself. You must be aware that you are not the only supplier in the market. But how can your company stand out from others and what can you do to achieve it?

Advantages of special machines >>


Unwinding and winding up

unwinding and winding up

In the textile industry, the winding of yarns and generated textile surfaces is the main application. In other industries, however, wires, strands, ropes, cables, hoses, pipes or profiles can be wound up and unwound. Different demands are placed on the tension control depending on the manufacturing process, the physical property of the product and the required web speed.

Check the feasibility for your project >>


The CREALET Global Network

CREALET Global NetworkServing the World’s Weaving Community

We maintain a global network of representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and are always near you.

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