Industrial Competitive Advantages

How to stand out in a competitive industry?

In an industry with many competitors you have to find a way to differentiate yourself. You must be aware that you are not the only supplier in the market. But how can your company stand out from others and what can you do to achieve it?

The challenge is to define and set the right parameters for competitive differentiation. This can be achieved by a particularly high quality, good design, a unique or innovative technology, a reliable service and so on. However, innovative technologies and manufacturing processes often require the use of special machines.


Advantages of special machines

Since the end of the 18th century machines have been built to increase the production of goods. Machines that are produced in large quantities are usually designed for standard applications.

For certain applications and processes, however, special machines are required. This is where the special machine construction begins. Special machines are often used for the production of hybrid products. So, individual components become whole systems and the parts manufacturer becomes a system supplier.



CREALET as a partner for the textile industry

The CREALET team has been working since 2003 as a partner for customers in the textile industry. We focus on creative solutions in the field of warp feed on wide and narrow weaving machines as well as warp knitting machines.


CREALET as a partner for other industries

In recent years, we have developed special components to automate complex casting systems for the automotive industry. In the field of special machine construction we have developed a precision straightening press for aluminum cylinder blocks, with the use of which the production process could be significantly optimized.

We develop and construct simple components and assemblies as well as special machines, which are individually tailored to the needs and wishes of the customers. If necessary, we take over the fabrication, assembly, commissioning and personnel training.

There is a need for optimization in almost all sectors, as it can reduce production costs and increase productivity and quality.


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