Crealetter No. 16 Sep 2017

Welcome to the sixteenth issue of the Crealetter, our regular update with information and resources for professionals in the weaving and high-tech industries.

Make sure that you read our short Guide to Perfect Tension Control which is illustrated with a few charts based on actual measurements. We’ve also included an example from our mechanical engineering department in the automotive industry: a high precision straightening press for cylinder blocks.

Have a look at our new products page with all of the COMSAT machinery, incl. brochure downloads. Or find a contact near you with our global network map.

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How to ensure perfect tension?

A Short Guide to Perfect Tension Control

Tension Charts

This longer post takes a look on how to ensure the perfect tension during winding and unwinding operations. It is based on actual measuring data and shows you the challenge in controlling your web tension with a few illustration charts.

Read more in this guide >>


Special Machinery Construction

Precision straightening press for cylinder blocks

Straightening Press

For a european car manufacturer CREALET developed a precision straightening press for cylinder blocks. Within seconds it measures, precision presses and re-measures the aluminum blocks. You can see this example and others on our mechanical engineering page.


Presenting COMSAT Products

New: Special Products Page for COMSAT Machinery


COMSAT Products

We have prepared a special products page where you can browse all the COMSAT machinery, with brochures and links to further information.

Visit the new COMSAT products page >>


The CREALET Global Network

Serving the World’s Weaving CommunityCREALET Global Network

We maintain a global network of representatives in over 50 countries worldwide and are always near you.

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