Polypropylene Fabrics and Geosynthetics

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Projectile weaving machines are primarily used for weaving fabrics made from Polypropylene tapes (PP). This also includes Geosynthetics.

These are synthetic products used for mechanical ground stabilization where high levels of durability are required. Geosynthetics are available in a wide range of applications. Application fields are highway, civil and structural engineering, gardening, landscaping and building construction.


Innovation in warp feeding

Weaving Polypropylene Fabrics and Geosynthetics can be a challenge. In this field we have assisted our customers with reinforcement of existing original electronic fabric take-down and warp let-off.

By splitting the warp onto bottom and top warp beam we could increase the machine running time. For high warp tension on the top beam we have developed a special back rest roller preventing bending.

Geogrids are often woven from additional warp beams behind the weaving machine. In this case our warp feeding devices are placed directly behind the weaving machine to guarantee a constant warp tension and stable production.



Projectile Weaving Machine for weaving Geotextiles

Projectile Weaving Machines are well known in this field and offer a reliable weaving technology for Polypropylene tape and Geosynthetics weaving in a width up to 540cm.

If you are searching for a weaving machine for this application we can offer you modified Projectile Weaving Machines according to your need. Working closely together with our partner IQ-SPS makes it possible to build individualized customer-specific Projectile Weaving Machines.

A modified used machine is in no way an “old” machine. Rather, it is a machine that has been made state-of-the-art with the use of proven technology at affordable costs.

We specify the Projectile Weaving Machine and all necessary peripheral equipment for weaving Geotextiles. Tell us about your requirements and benefit from our expertise.

Spezial Weaving Machine, width 5.40 m


A machine overhauled by us offers the following advantages for you:

  • good-value alternative to the purchase of a new machine at a low technical and economical risk
  • adapted to new needs
  • maintains the solid machine structure
  • familiar machine operation
  • increased performance
  • extends the service life