Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Weaving Quality Carbon Fiber Fabrics

Woven carbon fiber fabrics for lightweight parts

Less weight in an aircraft reduces fuel consumption, which is beneficial both financially and in terms of environmental responsibility.

But carbon fiber composites not only reduce fuel efficiency due to reduced weight they also allow for more creative scope for engineers when searching for improved aerodynamic performance.

In more and more areas the unique fiber is used for high-quality parts.


Carbon Fiber Feeding Device


Customized solution for carbon fiber fabric weaving

One of the latest CREALET breakthroughs is a warp feeding device developed specifically for weaving carbon fiber fabrics.

Carbon fibers are often woven from creel and therefore special attention should be given to the warp delivery unit between creel and weaving machine. The shed formation influences the load of warp threads and fabric quality.

The warp tension differences caused by the unsymmetrical weaving pattern can have a negative impact on the weaving process and fabric quality. The warp delivery unit enables the right amount of warp to be fed to the weaving machine.

The right design of the warp feed system is very important and therefore deserves highest priority.


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