Festive Magic

Advent and Christmas, the time to decelerate and stop

The Advent season is already well underway, the first candles on the wreath are burning, the Christmas days are just around the corner. They always come suddenly though we know they always start on December 24th.



ITMA 2015 Copyright by GN Photography


The Advent season with its candles, the beautiful illuminations and the Christmas markets leave no doubt as to what it is. But then suddenly Christmas is back and the preparations are not finished yet.

Every year the same! In this time, many people feel the desire to leave the hustle and bustle of these days behind, to slow down a bit and to think about what is important in life. Suddenly we feel more this longing for comfort, warmth, community, time and leisure. To be tired is allowed, so that I can rest for a while without a bad conscience.


Longing for childhood?

Is the desire for peace and strength stimulated by our memories of our childhood? In my childhood, the Christmas and Advent season was accompanied by fragrant pastries, spirited decorations, candlelight and a winter atmosphere. I could celebrate Christmas as a festival of love and joy with a lot of tradition and contemplation. I was waiting for Santa Claus and Christ Child. I was always delighted about the Christmas gifts.

Unfortunately, I learned that Christ Child does not light the candles on the Christmas tree and does not put the presents under the Christmas tree, but my parents. Despite this moment of discovery Advent and Christmas have always kept some of that festive magic. I believe many of us have memories like this or in a similar way of Christmas.


Decelerate your live

Slow down your life, take your time, seek the contemplation and accompany your children and family members through the exciting Advent and Christmas days. Stop and try to see this time through the eyes of your children. So, you will be able to enjoy a particularly beautiful Christmas time in a harmonious atmosphere.


With the very best regards

Walter Wirz