Modernization? Yes!

Customized Projectile Weaving Machines

CREALET and IQ-SPS are specialists in the modernization of existing projectile weaving machines. They offer users holistic solutions for the conversion of machines for new production facilities.


The services range from technical specification to commissioning. In this way, the customers receive a state-of-the-art weaving machine with which high-quality products can be produced.

The possible areas of application are, above all, in the field of technical fabrics. Ideal applications include fabrics for advertising, coating carriers, printing grounds, tarpaulins, awnings, safety textiles, geotextiles and reinforcing textiles for the construction industry.


  • Adapt to new needs
  • Maintain the solid machine structure
  • Familiar machine operation
  • Low technical and economic risk
  • Increased performance
  • Extend the service life
  • Reduction of maintenance effort

Retrofit / Conversions:

  • Machine extensions up to 1’200cm
  • Reinforcing weaving machines up to 15’000N warp tension p/m
  • Top warp beam device
  • Modification for wire weaving
  • Conversion of single-color machines to two or even four colors
  • Modification for bigger warp beam diameter
  • Modification from projectile D1 to D12 or D2
  • Mounting of whip rollers and deflecting rollers or warp tensioner devices
  • Spare parts

The cooperation of the two companies makes it possible to offer weaving machines with an individualized customer-specific range of products.

A modified used machine is in no way an “old” machine. Rather, it is a machine that has been made state-of-art with the use of proven technology at affordable costs.

The know-how of the two companies ensure for high-quality solutions and added value for customers, which is required for success in this highly competitive market. The goal has become to offer customers a good-value alternative to the purchase of a new machine.

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