Rio 2016: fibers and textiles

Rio 2016 Olympics: A look behind the materials scene

At no other event in the world athletic performances are delivered in such a wide range of sports. Now that the glitz and glamour of the Rio 2016 Olympics is over it’s worth to take a look behind the scenes of the material science.

An important factor for success is the tight symbiosis between man and material. In the field of materials, outstanding textile fibers, textiles and highly developed textile composites are key components for highest performance.

In speed disciplines, such as cycling or rowing, seamless suits with carbon fibers have become state-of-the-art, some even with anti-microbial layers. They fit perfectly like a second skin and often have characteristics that support and protect the athletes directly during their high performances.

There is virtually no sporting activity which does not profit from advanced textiles. In the construction of boats for rowing or sailing, for new types of tires or components of bicycles: the inspiration force behind these developments is an innovative fiber and textile industry.

SOLEX Sensor 2
Sensor for control unit let-off Solex 297 E


CREALET is a reliable partner to the textile industry

Our products contribute to the high performance qualities and success of the athletes during the Olympic Games in Rio 2016. For many years CREALET has been an innovative partner to the textile industry delivering solutions in the field of warp feeding systems for weaving and warp knitting machines for OEMs and end users.

Thanks to continuous further development and new technologies CREALET is able to meet the diverse needs of customers from design to commissioning.


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